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ISLAND SPIRIT DESIGNER draws on a long experience and a thorough knowledge of the brands offered. The design agency based in Saint Barthelemy has been working on decoration and renovation projects around the world for more than 10 years. Bringing together on our own website the biggest brands of design furniture proved to be only natural!

The famous brands of design are proposed to you and collaborate with designers of international renown.

Each selection of products we make allows you to find the ideal piece of furniture. What is the ideal piece of furniture? It is a piece of furniture that completes a room, which transforms a house and that will make you wonder how you lived without it.

For example, you can discover our wide range of design sofas, choose the contemporary coffee table, the decorative lighting and the carpet to match with it. The night area is not outdone. Our selection of contemporary and modern beds will meet all your requirements to create a space that resembles you. Your room will be welcoming, functional and design.


The children also have their own space and will be able to select original pieces to create a magical universe and give free rein to their creativity and imagination. Who has never dreamed of sleeping in a cot cabin like in the garden as proposed by MATHY BY BOLS? Or in a seashell like the one imagined by CIRCU? Or have a monster library like in Monster & Co such as the one drawn by ZAD as well as fun and original storage that come out of the routine? Look no further, it's all there!

Contemporary or classic for your interior decoration? Can not you make up your mind? We are at your disposal to realize your own interior decoration.

Here you will find your inspiration:

-A Scandinavian style a mixture of geometric patterns and flowers, pastel colors and vitamin, vibrating brass and natural wood.

This is the great Nordic trend today.

-The great era of loft and industrial spirit. Materials and furniture created for the workers in the 20s and 30s in factories and industry. When the machines triumph over man, assembly-line work.

Red brick wall, waxed concrete floor or antique wood flooring, Chesterfield sofa in worn leather, wooden table, furniture on wheels or metal lockers and articulated desk lamp. Without forgetting the reproductions of industrial objects and furniture of flea market impossible to circumvent to shopper and there you will respect this style according to the rule book!

- Paradise is within reach for those who take the direction of an exotic decoration.

Why not transform your interior into a real jungle? Dare a tropical touch, shimmering colors, lush plants and natural materials. Jump into this waterfall of freshness!

-A Zen and purified decoration where our designers imagine a relaxed lifestyle to surf on the well being and serenity. Stop the aggressive furniture! Leave room for curves and relaxing lines. Our universe finally softens!

-A summer look that floods your cocoon with fruity and acid colors, driftwood, let you overwhelm by idleness attitude.

-Crack for a Parisian bistro spirit for the followers of conviviality, metal and raw wood.

-Option for the futuristic design, a decoration in the James Bond way!! Furniture made of glass, steel, marble, Corian with rounded and creative shapes. Lighting with unusual and innovative shapes. If you like asymmetrical shapes, geometric, dive into the world of tomorrow!

Adopt the classic chic! Leave room for elegance and tradition. If you have a penchant for baroque and period furniture, if you like flirting with the noble, sober and refined materials. Make a return to safe values!

-Enjoy sports, great bowls of pure air and thrills, direction the ski slopes. The cottage spirit is in vogue!

The art of extreme cozy! Beast skin, cashmere plaid, raw materials, soft lighting and wooden furniture. Quick ! Sneak into your cozy and warm refuge!

- And if the trend of contemporary design brought us to other spheres? The era of modern life!

An interior without fuss, intelligent furniture with simple purified lines, that combines the design, the art of High Tech and sublime the functional. This way of life embellishes everyday life. More comfort, more performance and more space. The art of fluidity, transparency, timelessness and minimal. Concrete, steel, glass, leather, wood, aerial fabrics, gray, white are the guidelines of this universe.

-Crack for the retro decor, the art of hunting and retrieving!

Yes, you are in the nostalgic world of the old: the "Vintage"!

An Old-School design that never gets tired. Some of our designers have redesigned these furniture and objects found in garages and flea markets. Do not waste your weekend to find the rare pearl, come to stroll on our site and you will be satisfied.

-Up with the weekends in the country house between sea and mountain, the family gatherings where it is good to live.

Raw materials, warm materials in pastel colors and a lot of charm. Tiles, beams, old wooden workbenches, honey-colored stone, natural parquet, cement tiles, lace, linen, cotton, embroidery, massive and old furniture.

Perfect wedding between country and rustic.

Let yourself be intoxicated by this sweet, long-standing perfume.

-Back to the essentials, to the authentic!

En route for a getaway around the world direction: the ethnic! ! The Bohemian world.

A perfect combination of natural materials and sober colors! Memories of distant countries reported travel to the 4 corners of the world Asia, Oceania, Africa ...

Berber carpets, wool plaid, handcrafted objects, baskets, braided baskets, rattan mirrors, unusual objects.

"You're always in a good mood, never get cold feet?"

You need a vitaminized interior, adopt the POP'Attitude!

Furniture with acid colors, sunny and full of peps.

A decoration that sticks to your skin!

"Mother of the Roaring Twenties!" The art deco style is going to be a revelation! Immersion in the glamorous world of the Great Gatsby, champagne flows, exuberance, lust and elegance pushed to the extreme.

The woman after the First World War frees herself from any cliché, she is the muse of art deco.

Gilding, glassware, black and red, mahogany, wrought iron, ebony, ivory, without forgetting the strict and geometric motifs.

-Want to escape? Take your sun hat and landing net to the seaside!

If you are tempted by a small walk along the water. Perfume your interior with iodine. Embruns, beach, shells and crustaceans ....

Color sand, shades of blue, driftwood, marine decoration, peaceful and refreshing.

We work with all the latest trends without ever forgetting the classics.

You have questions? We have answers.

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